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This web site is dedicated to the support of my professional activities. I am a retired Professor of Engineering Technology and Physics from the Community College of Allegheny County.  I am still involved in a number of projects related to engineering and science education.  I am also involved on workforce development issues on a wide regional basis in Western PA.  Located at this site will be project materials related to various curriculum and design projects with which I am or have been involved. As I teach regularly an on-line course, web support will be housed at this location.   My research areas of interest are robotics and programmable logic controllers, microcontroller electronics, technical aspects of physics, and internet based education and learning.

The links below will take you to projects, activities, and  courses as indicated.


Community College of Allegheny County
(CCAC) Courses being taught:



  • Recent Papers:
    These are PowerPoint slide Sets. The size is noted for download considerations.

·  Need for an Introductory Nanotechnology Course, Presented at Hershey, PA Oct 16, 2003. [Download 0.7Mb]

·  Nanofabrication: A Technology whose time has come, Presented at League for Innovation, Milwaukee WI, Oct. 22, 2003 [Download 3.3Mb]

* Growing Partnerships, Presented at the Pennsylvania Two Year College Conference in Monroeville, PA April 2005 [40K word doc]

Major Projects:

·  Introductory College Physics for the 21st Century

·  Partnership for Regional Innovation in Manufacturing Education, PRIME
·  Nanofabrication Technology

·  Technology Enhanced Learning Systems, TELS




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